We have decided to stop selling in stores and to be exclusive on our website in order to offer you the best price possible.

We've listed the notes included in each fragrance in the product description so you can have a good idea if the scent is right for you. 

If you are not sure by the description of the notes alone, we have made travel sizes for you so that you can buy a high end Extrait de parfum for less than $20 to try in the comfort of your home.

If you want to conserve your perfume as long as possible, we suggest you to leave it in the box to avoid that the perfume has a direct contact with the light and/or the sun. Also, put it in a place where the temperature is controlled and stable and therefore avoid humid places like the bathroom.

You need to moisturize well, that is, drink water and cream your skin to increase the longevity of the perfume. For an optimal result, spray on the clothing, at a reasonable distance so as not to stain it. This way, your perfume will smell all day long!

At Anne-Krystel Parfum, we do not use dyes in our perfumes. Their color is therefore naturally linked to the presence of the ingredients that compose them. The natural ingredients can evolve over time and change color progressively, just as wine does when it is maturing. A logical and natural transformation of our perfumes.

For a perfume already aged, whatever its aspect, it is useless to ask questions, it is necessary to feel simply and to notice if we like or not, the change of color is normal and is absolutely not systematic of an expired perfume.